A vision of living that continuously evolves, combining openness and privacy, sociality and meditation. For the Design Week 2022, Porro renews the rooms of its Milanese home by showcasing all the latest innovations on the two floors of its Porro Duriniquindici showroom, composing architectural systems and furnishings, balancing textures, materials and shapes, and blending the elements into a visual unicum thanks to the Glide sliding partitions that connect, expand and reconfigure the settings in new ways.

In the office, designed around visual harmony, the Materic table is presented in its new version with oval top and truncated cone base, both in natural brushed ash, an extra-clear Scandinavian-style finish. A silent, poetically minimal object that vibrates in space, enchanting with the delicate nuances of nature. It perfectly matches the Voyage chairs by GamFratesi, featuring a natural maple frame and tight-fitting upholstery in saddle leather, skilfully cut and sewn.

As a link between the bedroom and the living room, Boutique Mast elegantly stands out as a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the living area, with its thin shelves that reveal the strong expressive potential of metal.

For a moment of leisure, the Kite armchair by GamFratesi is displayed in a burgundy fabric. Characterised by a pure and enveloping look, with a particular focus on comfort and proportions, it is conceived for waiting rooms as well as for home environments, from the living room to the bedroom.

Technology and craftsmanship come together in a sophisticated interior full of light and colourful flashes thanks to the Glide Miru sliding partitions by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio, presented in glass decorated with precious metallic textures in the colour cuvée to match the frame. They lead to the real heart of the home, the Storage dressing room designed Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, which combines transparent compartments, fully open or closed by glass doors, with the transparent corner solution.

A cuvée finish is chosen for the frame and the metal parts in the new thinner 25x25 mm profile; it makes the composition look lighter and allows to perfectly mix and match the different types.

In the other room, the Storage back panels and the equipment are in white cherry, one of the 6 refined textures for Porro wardrobe interiors, selected and manufactured exclusively for the brand focusing on resistance and high aesthetic values.

The two Acquario drawer units by Piero Lissoni in the middle of the room, also with cuvée frame, glass shelves and white cherry base and drawers, complete the space with harmony.

The bedroom features Piero Lissoni's intimate and compact Byron textile bed. Its lines are soft and the edges rounded, complemented by the sophisticated detail of the screen featuring a black-stained solid ash frame that surrounds a straw weave with a graphic black and white houndstooth pattern, balancing contemporary and memory, concrete and abstract. A signature item such as the Load-it bookcase designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995 creates a textured picture on the wall, thanks to the steel shelves and the black-stained canneté wall panels alternating horizontal and vertical stripes. An ingenious design, which is completed by lighting: a new directional spotlight was developed specifically for Load-It; the care for details in this real spot of light is so meticulous that it evokes the world of fine watchmaking.

In the reading corner, the Lullaby armchair by Nicola Gallizia features sophisticated details such as the black-stained curved solid ash frame and the tight-fitting brick red upholstery. Next to it, the Palladio coffee table by GamFratesi, with a round Sahara noir polished marble top and an anodised brass frame.

Halfway between a dressing room and an open wardrobe, featuring modular wall panels on which to hang various equipment, Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Center changes its look in combination with Glide Miru sliding glass partitions. As large transparent wings with a black painted frame, they open up leaving the stage to the Storage Boiserie, featuring back panels covered in straw, a precious traditional material reinterpreted with a modern minimalist twist, and elements in black sugi, a matt black surface finish with marked veining.

Downstairs, the corridor is dedicated to the Load-it bookcase with a mirrored space in the middle and steel wall panels, presented in versions with and without shelves or complemented by the Modern suspended shelf in santos rosewood.

Geometrical purity, the beauty of materials and the métissage of ideas are again the protagonists in the large central showroom area, that can be seen through the windows. It is entirely dedicated to 2 Ryoba tables designed by Piero Lissoni to imagine a dining room, an office or a restaurant. The thick triangular legs create a trestle on which the textured tabletop lies, both re-proposed for the first time in solid olive ash.

Grace and discretion characterise the new Nebbia chair, in which craftsmanship blends with industrial design. Thick solid ash wood legs give life to the finely curved armrests, offering support for the shell-shaped backrest and the seat, both upholstered with a removable cover. With authenticity and memory – revisited in a contemporary way – as its core values, the chair offers great comfort, convenience and new expressive possibilities for contract spaces.

In the background are the Glide Samurai sliding partitions with a tailored cut, that complement the Glide system with a new interpretation of space. Freely inspired by the Japanese home and as the result of a skilful and accurate craftsmanship project, they allow to combine different textures and shapes – both transparent and matt – creating spectacular windows and unexpected views inside the Duriniquindici showroom.

Doors closed to screen, doors open to welcome: sliding the large Glide Samurai wings, you discover a large hanging Modern composition by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro, raised from the floor and combined with a Roc matt travertine board, that leaves a large open space in the lower part to be used for a window or a fireplace. Looking like a closed, dense wall reminiscent of a traditional Japanese home, this very large storage area is animated by the nice graphic effect of avorio lacquered doors, featuring a metal frame in the same colour that contrasts with walnut, the strongly textured wood type chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets, that stand out as contemplative voids in the composition. In the middle, perfectly concealed, the TV compartment appears only in moments of leisure, thanks to the very large lacquered vertical sliding door.

On the opposite side, the Modern+Load-it composition comes in a new version, where the Load-it bookcase with steel shelves and natural canneté wall panels creates a graphic backdrop in which the square module of Modern stands out and moves, creating storage units with teak frame, natural canneté doors and calacatta oro marble top, with the marble veining acting as a link between the different elements. A playful spirit is inherent in this system that, without ever being excessive, conveys the typical Made-in-Italy savoir-faire and creativity. A dining room instilling masculine elegance presents the Materic table by Piero Lissoni, in its version with grey valentine marble round top and black-stained solid ash base. Around it, the Romby armchairs by GamFratesi, featuring a truncated cone base in black-stained solid ash wood, with a flared shape obtained through slices in a careful cabinet-making exercise, that is connected to a swivel soft and compact padded seat, covered in black and white fabric.

The tour ends at the Storage wardrobe with Mongoi melamine equipment, with its special trunk look. By mixing various solutions and designs - the hinged wardrobe with bianco moon door and Boite Aux handle, the corner dressing room with moka painted uprights and verde gris lacquered equipment, the pull-out sliding door wardrobe – it shows Porro’s ability and expertise in furnishing space, balancing shapes and in ensuring top elegance and functionality in every project.

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